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Symplify Reroute - ensuring maintained quality of customer database and reputation Symplify Reroute, the service for customers who wish to communicate with their customer base, without risking the overall reputation and quality of their database.


When facing a situation where your reputation is at risk, or where you have a customer base that is being diluted with email addresses of questionable quality, either one of two things has probably occurred.

It’s either this: There has been a poor method of qualifying the email addresses that are being added to your customer base. This probably stems from a signup process where there is no way of qualifying or double checking the quality of a submitted email address. Now that you are stuck with an email address, which you have no insights as to the quality of, you probably have no choice but to send an email to the recipient, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Or this: You have, against better judgment, decided to blast off a message to the part of your customer base that is commonly labelled as “Dormant”. By doing this, you have probably triggered a lot of red warning signs trying to scare you off but alas - here you are - with a crown on your head that may have been slightly tilted by this action.

Rest assured, there are ways to deal with this.
Enter Symplify reroute - a “behind the scenes” solution that helps you maintain your reputation, yet still managing to communicate with whomever you want.

Solving a problem

Maintaining a stable customer base, and watching over its quality, is probably one of your most important tasks in the modern world of CRM. Now, let’s not forget, building your customer base and ensuring its steady growth is also part of that same job description. As well as keeping engagement at a high level throughout the entire base.

At first sight, it may seem you are expected to solve the Riemann Hypothesis (considered to be one of the world’s most important unsolved mathematical problems), but rest assured - there is a way.

There are different methods on how to manage the reputation issues associated with communicating via email to recipients with low levels of engagement.
Here’s a short summary of the two most common situations that may occur.  

First sendout to unknown quality

The first category refers to the first initial sendout to any recipient, without knowing anything about the quality beforehand.

When using a method of acquiring* addresses that may generate a high level of bounce (bad mailbox), it is important to ensure that this does not affect your overall communication quality and reputation. So basically, you don’t want to mix the unqualified addresses with the existing customer base until you are certain you can verify the quality of said addresses.

By using Symplify Reroute, you simply assign all the unknown addresses to a specific project and hit send. Our Symplify Reroute algorithm will select the optimal output for each address, ensuring that you maintain the quality of your customer base. And as soon as an address has been verified, it will be added to your customer base.

Communicating with dormant accounts

The second category refers to when you want to communicate with recipients that have been dormant/inactive for some time.

Normally, Symplify will filter out a dormant recipient from receiving messages after a specific time period, in order to avoid damaging your reputation and IP.

In some cases though, you may wish to engage with a dormant part of your customer base, albeit without the risk of dragging down your reputation. This in turn, could result in issues getting through to the inbox of your loyal customers. But before giving up entirely, it could prove a perfectly legitimate way of re-engaging customers, who need a shake and a reminder of what you can offer them, instead of slipping into eternal oblivion.

The solution at hand is Symplify Reroute, a safeguard ensuring that inactive addresses are being filtered out of your regular sendouts, protecting your reputation and the IP that you are using to send the majority of your marketing communication through, thus ensuring that there is minimal negative impact on the marketing material you know to be of sound quality.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple, you proceed as usual, creating a journey or a campaign.
If you want the filter mechanism on, simply activate Symplify Reroute which will route the specific sendout through an alternate output, thus ensuring that the high quality sendout isn’t being mixed up with the unqualified addresses. You are still managing everything from within the Symplify platform, and you can follow the sendout in real-time, through the Symplify dashboard.

Symplify Reroute enables your account to handle traffic on multiple levels, ensuring that new customers are being catered to, while simultaneously preserving the existing customer base and your overall reputation.

Benefits of using Symplify Reroute

A high engagement score is every marketers dream. It not only tells you that you have something interesting to convey but it also gives you a certain credit when it comes to the inbox. The magic word here is “inbox placement”. The higher the engagement score, the more likely you are to make it through all the noise and land yourself a spot at the top of the inbox. Now that's a prime location. And it’s worth quite a lot.

In the best of all worlds, you wouldn’t have issues with bad quality addresses, or dormant recipients weighing your reputation down, but the harsh reality is, you do.

We created Symplify Reroute to help you manage real problems, without risking everything.

Our recommendations?

At Symplify, we understand the importance of maintaining high quality and preserving your customer base. Therefore, we recommend that you use Symplify Reroute when communicating for the first time with a new recipient, i.e the confirmation email or welcome email that goes out upon signup. We also recommend that you use Symplify Reroute when re-engaging with recipients that have stayed dormant or inactive for more than six months.

Next step?

With Symplify, this is easily configured. Simply provide the account details of a service provider, like Jetsend or Sendgrid, to your Symplify Success Manager who will assist you in implementing this feature on your account.


* Symplify requires that all email addresses that are used for communication purposes have been garnered in an honest and legal way, and that the recipients are contacted with a clear commitment to the end users integrity.

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