Manual sendout statistics export

When you want to manually export campaign statistics from Symplify your first select the campaign channel in the main menu.

You can then choose to export your sent overview or detailed statistics from a specific delivery.

Overview statistic export

Filter your sent overview, based on specific sendouts, timeframe or projects and export the statics of the filter results. When you're ready for exporting, simply click the download-icon in the top bar.

Then select the format of your file, CSV, Excel or Copy (to clipboard), and you're done!
All statistic parameters will be included.



Specific sendout export

Find and open the delivery from where you want to export the detailed statistics and click on the tab Download.

Do you want to export a file based on the recipient activity in your campaign or a standard pdf? Make your selection.
When you select “Export contacts by their interaction with this campaign” you need to choose the interaction.

You can also include specific contact attributes for each contact, tick the ones you want to include and hit Export.

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