Publishing approval

If you want sendouts to be approved by others before send out you can use the feature Publishing approval. This feature can be activated on a project level and will send an email with information about the send out to the added publishers (all emails in the selected project must get approved). Publishers can then choose to approve or reject the sendout.


You can set this up from Account settings > Projects > (Choose your project) Publishing approval.

1. Decide if the publishers should receive a copy of or/and needs to approve the sendout.


2. Hit the Add new button to add a new publisher and enter the name and email address:


The publishing process

When the user has completed the email and hit the Send to approval-button in the editor the sendout will be set to Pending in Symplify.
Each approver will then receive an email with a link to the confirmation page where the all the settings (e.g. list, segment, send out time etc.) and the email itself is presented:


The publishers will be able to see the full content of the email (including the text version). If any content segmentation has been used this is marked with borders and the name of the segment:


At least one publisher must approve the email before send out.

​If the email gets rejected a notification email will be sent to all publishers and the creator with this information and the send out will be moved from Scheduled back to Drafts. The send out must be edited before rescheduled for a new approval.

If noone has approved or rejected the send out with two hours left until the scheduled send time a reminder will be sent to all publishers. Also, if the email gets totally forgotten another reminder email will be sent one hour after the scheduled time has passed without any approval/rejection.

​Last minute rejection

If an approved send out has reached the scheduled time and Symplify has started to send the email to the recipients, the send out can still be rejected and Symplify will force the remaining messages (if any) to stop.

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