Send gate

Send gate is an add-on for setting up an automatic process for transferring contacts included in a sendout to other systems. The integrated system can then check compliance and activate promotional codes, bonuses or add tags or other information to those specific contacts.​


Looking into Send gate for the first time? Please redirect to Send gate Plus which has a wider range of use.

Or are you currently using Send Gate and want to learn about the benefits in converting to Send Gate Plus? Jump over to this article.

How does it work?

When you send e.g. a campaign, Symplify will create the messages for all contacts matching your connected segment. When this is done a webhook will be triggered containing a download URL to a file containing all contacts.

Depending on your setup, the campaign can

1. be sent immediately
2. be paused until you give it a go and then sent immediately or at the scheduled time.

Send gate setup

You'll find the setup on Account settings > (Integrations) Send gate.

From here you can activate Send gate on account level and/or project level. This means that you can have settings made on account level which can be overrided by the settings you've done on specific projects.

​Note that the parameter Identifier (more below) also can be set on delivery level, which will override both account and project level. 
An identifier is mandatory on at least one of the levels in order for Send gate to act on the sendout. 

  • Selected level - use the dropdown menu to select which level (account or specific project) to access and edit.
  • Active - set to Yes to activate Send gate on selected level
  • Pause sendout - select Yes if want to confirm your sendouts before sending (read more below).


By selecting No the webhook will be triggered but will not require a confirmation and be sent at the given time.

Identifier - tag all your sendouts on the selected level. The identifier will be included in the webhook. (Identifiers on sendout level will override project/account level.)

Webhook endpoint - add the URL to where the webhook will be triggered. Important: the endpoint must manage the incomming hooks asynchroniously.

Webhook security - add login details to your endpoint to ensure security. Select custom authentication or basic authentication and add your details.


Webhook information

The webhook will include the following details:

Campaign name: The name of your sendout as given in Symplify.
Campaign ID: The Symplify ID for your sendout
Project name: The name of the project connected to your sendout
Project ID: The Symplify ID for your project
Download URI: The download link to the file containing your target group for the sendout.
Identifier: Your given Identifier (note the hierarchy)
Status: The current status of the message batch.
Agent Action Name: The name of the AMQP agent (will be "null" if you don't have an AMQP integration)
Accept URI: The unique URI for confirming the sendout
Cancel URI: The unique URI for cancelling the sendout


Confirm or cancel a paused sendout

To send a campaign that has been paused, you must use the API and post to the unique acceptUri provided in the webhook.

If you want to cancel the sendout you select the cancelUri instead.

​Note! If the campaign has been cancelled by a user in Symplify by the time your API accept request arrives, you will get a 409 Conflict response:

{ "error": "Batch is not on hold" }

​Based on that response you can decide whether you need to take other actions in the integrated system, such as remove added bonuses or other tags (and await a new webhook).

Affected sendouts

Send gate will trigger webhooks for:

Send gate on Journeys

When using Send gate on Journeys, you will only receive webhooks for messages that are batch generated. For example, messages triggered by an API request from your end or immediately when a subscriber joins a list will not send a webhook.

​Please note that when using Send gate with paused batches on Journeys, the contacts will continue to the next Journey step, even if you have not accepted the batch. The messages in that batch will however not be sent until you have accepted.


Do you want to learn more about this add-on? Contact your Success Manager at Symplify.

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