Create a survey

The survey module in Symplify is an actually a module within a Dynamic web site. This means that the page settings (such as styling) and any page content (i.e. header and footer) will affect your survey.

Before you start, make sure you have a project with project type Mixed created.

In the main menu, click on Surveys.

Then click on the New Survey button.

A New Survey dialogue pops up and here you name (and describe if wanted) your survey, select which project it should belong to and select your page template. If you don’t have a custom styled page template you can choose one of the default templates.


When clicking the Create button, Symplify will prepare your page with a survey. When created you'll land on a Dynamic web page overview.


In the top you can navigate between the tabs

statistics for each page and/or message in your Microsite

name, description and delete your survey

all your pages/messages and actions (if any) in your microsite

how to link to your survey

On Content you’ll now see a page called Survey and to the right you'll have the dropdown Edit page.

From this dropdown you can

Edit page (and edit your survey)
View survey results (shortcut)
Edit survey (shortcut)
Go to Page settings
Delete page (including survey)

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