Create and manage users

This article contains information about how to manage users and permission groups.

Create a new user

You create new user on Account Settings > Users. You can only access this page if you are an Admin user on your account.

Click on Create new and simply fill out the form with user information and access level (learn more below) and click Create. An email will be sent to the new user with information about logging in and setting a password.


Access level

Here is where you manage your users and give them their appropriate user roles if needed. Select between the three (or four) different roles:​

  • Account admin
    Can add and edit users and permission groups and have access to everything, including Account settings.​

  • Production manager
    Can access communication in all projects or only projects specified in the permission group(s).
    This user type has no acces to
    • Account settings
    • Lists
    • Segment editing
    • Social Audience Builder

  • Recipient manager
    Can access all lists and segments or only lists and segments specified in the permission group(s).
    This user type has no acces to
    • Account settings
    • Communication
    • Social Audience Builder

  • Performance insigths
    Can access Performance insights.
    Note that this user level is only visible if Performance insights is active on your account.



Permission groups

On top of user levels, admin users can set up Permission groups in order to give user access to different parts of the account. You can tie a user to specific Projects, Lists and Segments. You can also set restrictions for how much the users can or can not do within these areas such as; View, Export, Create, Send etc.

When setting a permission group with e.g. restricted project access on a user, the user will not be able to access any other project than stated in the permission group.

One user can be tied to several Permisson groups.
It's not recommended to tie admin users to any permission group.

Find your way to Account settings > (Users) Permissions. To add a permission group, click Create new.


Select the access levels for the three different areas:

  • Projects (view stats, export, create emails, send from project)
  • Lists (view list, import to, export from, send to this list)
  • Segments (use for send out)​

Then add the restricted users to the group (you can also add permission groups when adding or viewing a specific user.)

Permission group example

In below image the group contains access to the following:

  • Projects
    • Charity General
      Assigned users can view and export reports and statistics but are not allowed to create and send communication within this project.
    • School Project
      Assigned users can view and export reports and statistics and also create and send communication within the project.
  • Lists
    • Assigned users can view and export contacts on the list My database, but not edit or update the list. 
      Users can send to list IF the sendout is created within the allowed project (School Project) as stated under Projects.
  • Segments
    • Assigned users are only allowed to use the segment Active last 6 months when sending communication. 



Access issues?

If you have a number of permission groups they may interfere with each other if one group allows access and another denies access. If so, you need to go through each permission group to find the cause.


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