Autosend setup

Please note that this is an old feature and no further development will be made for Autosend. Instead, use Journeys to set up your automatic communication.


Autosend basics

An autosend is an automated sendout where Symplify searches through your database i.e. each day through a segment to match specific recipients. If any recipients are found in your database that matches the segment, the messages will be sent. The day after Symplify will run the process again. And the next day, and the next…

To create an Autosend you must have:

– A project of type Autosend or Mixed type
– A recipient list that the Autosend should be sent to
– A segment that the autosend should be used with

​All Autosends you create and activate will automatically be tied to one master send out batch for your account. This master send out batch is called Multi Auto.
So if you have a lot of different Autosends setup they will all be processed in the master batch – the Multi Auto batch.​

Autosend set up

You select Autosend from the main menu. Hit the Create new button and proceed with your settings.

All settings are found and adjusted on the first tab, Settings, whilst you add your delivery under the Content tab.

Create your content and set it as active in your Autosend module.


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