GDPR contact export

All personal data you store about your contacts must, according to GDPR, be accessible for each individual if it’s requested.

By using Symplifys GDPR contact export you can find and export a contact’s data by searching on Original ID or email address. When an export has been made you’ll receive an email from where you can download the file containing all data stored in Symplify about the contact.​

How to use the Contact export

From the main menu go to Account settings > (Audience) GDPR Contact export.

In the dropdown you select what value you want to find your contact on, email address or Original ID. Enter the email address or Orginal ID belonging to the recipient in the field below.


To get the data about your recipient you need to provide an email address on User to notify (the email address of your Symplify user is prefilled but you can of course change this if you want to).

Now click Export contact.​

As soon as the export is completed, you’ll receive an email (to the provided email address). In this email you’ll find a link from where you download an Excel file containing all the stored data. This link is valid for 24 hours. The downloaded file can be sent to your contact.

This export will not affect the actual contact in your database.

The file

Your downloaded Excel file will contain a lot of data but depending on how many Symplify features and channels you use you might not have data in each tab of the Excel file.​

  • Contact data – recipient attributes and Symplify related data like unsubscribe date and date created)
  • Messages – recieved messages (including message properties)
  • Purchase History – events stored in Purchase history
  • Conversions – tracked conversions (tracked with Symplify Conversion tracking)
  • Web interaction – web history events (tracked with Symplify web interaction)
  • Clicks – links clicked from a message
  • Polls – events stored via the Poll feature
  • Surveys – submitted surveys (and submitted answers).
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