Scheduled job

What is it and what can I use for?

Scheduled jobs is a functionality you can use if you want to do the selection of recipients outside Symplify. A job will update your database with the data you provide and then send a message.

You can use FTP file transfer or our API to import the recipients to Symplify.

You can have a job for sending a campaign or for sending a transactional. The campaign and/or transactional needs to be created/setup before, and you as a customer need to be working in Symplify.
You find the feature Scheduled Jobs under Account Settings > (Integrations) Scheduled Jobs.

Send batch transactional

When you are sending a transactional (we also call it send batch trigger) you select the transactional in the setup (and the recipient list is already selected in the setup of the actual transactional) in Symplify.

Read more about Send Batch transactional

Send Campaign

When using Send Campaign (can also be call Send Delivery) you first prepare a campaign in Symplify. Then you upload a file with a specific naming convention that locates and sends your specific campaign.

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