Social Audience builder setup

Social Audience Builder is a feature that synchronizes (targeted) contacts in your Symplify account to your Facebook or Google accounts where you can build ads to reach further with your communication.
Learn more about Social Audience Builder here.


Create a user token

Before you can start creating audiences you need to create a user token. The token connects your social media account user to your Symplify account. This is a one time setup (one for each social media channel).

Find your way to Account settings > (Integrations) Social Audience tokens.

Click on Create User Token and select Facebook or Google, depending on what connections you're about to set up. 

You will then get redirected to your social media login page where you need to login and confirm the access from Symplify to your social media account.

Now you’re done and can start building audiences from Symplify.


Create your audience

From the main menu select Social Audience Builder and click Create new audience.
Name your audience and select the syncronization type (Google or Facebook) you want to build your audience in.
Select the database(s) you want to set up the synchronization from and hit Set.


Now you’ll set your rules for your audience.

  1. Click Set Audience to set up your connection.
  2. Select your token (if Facebook, also select your account*)
  3. Select your Audience or create a new one
  4. Select Retention (Facebook) / Membership lifespan (Google) **

* If you have more than one Facebook account added via different users/tokens make sure you select the correct corporate Facebook account.

** The number of days the synced audience will be active for your ad.



The database selection you did in the first step is reflected here and you can redefine your selections if wanted. You can add multiple lists if you wish.


Create your Audience target

Create the segment that will target the specific people who will get synced to Facebook/Google.

If no rule is created all recipients from selected Symplify list(s) will get synced to your audience.

Sync frequency

Choose Enable sync if you want to sync your audience continuously and then select the interval you wish the audience to be updated.

You can also choose to run your audience sync manually.


Now your advert should start showing for your target group given that you provided the necessary funds in the budget in your Facebook/Google account.



The tab overview will show the statistics on the amount of synced recipients and how many of them that has been matched on Facebook/Google.
Symplify uses the email and mobile number as parameters to try to match your target group.


When creating a new ad or editing an existing you can add your audience synced from Symplify by simply go to “Audience” and then browse the specific audience.


Support on Facebook or Google

​Visit Google support if you have any questions regarding Google AdWords.

Visit Facebook Help Center if you have any questions regarding Facebook ads.



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