API keys and tokens

If you want to start exploring the Symplify API you need to create a API Key. For your API Key you can also choose to generate a token which will be used when accessing the API (instead of the API Key).

Create API Key

To create your API Key you go to Account settings > (Integrations) Symplify API click Create new.


After this, simply add your information to the mandatory fields (marked with asterisk) and click Create.


Note! Tick the API Application key if you want use the API token to connect to Symplify from another applicatiom i.e. your mobile app. The API Application key is safe to distribute in an app as it has a limited scope. The API Key is more versatile and can be used to retrieve data by a malicious user.


API Tokens

If you wish to add a token you click on Options and choose Generate API token.


Your token will be generated and you can expand the view to view the complete token.
And of course, smoothly copy the token to clipboard by clicking the copy icon to the right of the Expand/Collapse Token-symbol:


You can test the API token this curl example:

curl –H “X-Carma-Authentication-Token: thisisthesecrettoken“ \
–H “Accept: application/json” \
–H “Content-Type: application/json” \




Voila! You’re good to go with your API-Token!

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