Conversion tracking

What is conversion tracking?

Do you want to know the effectiveness of your campaigns? Bet you do, and you probably analyze the open and click rates. However, clicks are not the last action performed by your visitors. Visitors might purchase something on your website after they clicked on a link. Conversion tracking answers the question of how many clicks result in an actual purchase.


When you have access to conversion data in your reports, you can make smarter decisions, particularly about what emails and segments you invest in. Given better data, you can better measure your overall return on investment (ROI) for your communication.

​Please contact your Symplify Success manager to activate the feature.

Setting up conversion tracking

To set up Conversion tracking you simply add a script (provided by Symplify) on your website. The tracking is then added to all your links in your send-outs which provides the script with the information it needs to return any data to Symplify.


The below instructions refer to [server] in the URL. This should be replaced by the server your account is located. Log into your Symplify account and open the main menu, at the bottom of the menu you'll find your account information:

  • Server 1: 
  • Server 2:
  • Server 3:
  • Server 5:

Adding the script​

Step 1

Copy and paste this snippet into the <head> of your website.

You should use the following login URL: https://[server]/carma (read more above).

<script type="text/javascript">
function initCarmaRoi(){
carma.roi.init("https://[server]/mail", true);
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Step 2

Call the function that initializes the conversion functionality when your page has loaded. This can be done by adding the following snippet to your page’s <body> tag:


​The result should look similar to

<body onload="initCarmaRoi()">

Step 3

When a conversion is made, call carma.roi.register(amount)

​Make sure you have called carma.roi.init before calling carma.roi.register.

The amount parameter is optional.

If you do not specify an amount parameter, you will not see the total order value and value per conversions on emails in your Symplify report.

If you are using multiple currencies on your website, make sure that the correct currency is sent to Symplify. Symplify is not currency-specific and will only show the number you send in amount.​

<script type="text/javascript"> function onCheckout(amount){ carma.roi.register(amount); } </script>

Advanced setup

By default, the tracking cookie will be removed when the recipient closes their browser. If you want to specify how long you consider a purchase to be a conversion from the link in your email, pass the third parameter to carma.roi.init.

​Valid formats

An absolute date

carma.roi.init("https://[server]/mail", true, new Date(2012, 0, 1));

A UTC formatted date string

carma.roi.init("https://[server]/mail", true, "Sun, 1 Jan 2012 12:00:00 GMT");

A time frame, in hours

carma.roi.init("https://[server]/mail", true, 120);

How to get it rolling

When you have done the required adjustments on your website you will get the statistics for your conversions in Symplify after you have done the following steps.​

Once the feature is activated on your account your send-outs will get the tracking parameter selectable. It will be enabled by default but you can disable it if you for some reason don't want to use it for a specific send out.

When enabled, all links in your send-outs will be followed by the parameter and value c_rid=!!roiid!!, which will generate the unique tracking parameter for each recipient per link.

Manually adding conversion tracking to links

If you are coding your own HTML emails, or for any reason do not wish to add the tracking parameter to all links, you can specify the required parameter by adding c_rid=!!roiid!! to your link URL.

<a href=”!!roiid!!”>Go to landing page</a>


Asynchronous JS Loading

We recommend using asynchronous JS loading mode for step 1 in the header. As long as it is loaded before step 2. This will reduce the chances of your site being slowed down in case the script becomes unavailable.


Before setting up everything on your website you can use the following test example to see how this works.

  1. Link to the following pages from your email
  2. Send an email to yourself but remember to use a normal list and not a test list since you don’t get statistics on test emails (make sure the Symplify ROI tracking is activated).
  3. Click the link in the email
  4. Buy something in the test shop (free of charge of course ;) )
  5. Look at the statistics of your email and view the conversions you made in your email.
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