Message step

Depending on the nature of each message you can mix different channels in your journey to reach your customers in the right channel in a timely manner.

How to edit a message step:

  1. Click on the step and then click Edit.
  2. Name your step (this naming is not the naming of your actual message but could be e.g. Day 1 or Order confirmation.
  3. You will now see if you have an active version or not.
  4. To create or edit message version. Scroll down to Draft versions where you can copy other versions in this step or create from scratch.
  5. The editor will open where you edit and save your message version.
  6. Back to the Journey builder you can publish your message version. The published version will be version sent to contacts reaching the message step.


Message tip

You can mix and match among your channels, which channel is the most suitable for your the nature of your message?

Did the order confirmation email bounce? Send an SMS to notify your customer and ask for updated preferences.
Or, like in the example below, if a contact doesn't interact with a previous message, try to change message type, perhaps that could do the work.


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