Split​ steps

You might want to split your customer journeys into different paths depending on engagement in previous messages, testing purposes or some other customer behavior.

​The split events enables you to easily structure these new paths.

This article covers the splits:


Engagement split

The Engagement split enables you to lead contacts into different paths of your Journey depending on how they interacted with a previous message in the flow.

Tick the checkboxes to select an interaction.

You must always select one interaction which means that an Engagement split will always return at least two paths, your interaction(s) and the remaining.

Contacts that don’t match any of your interactions will follow the remaining path.

Note that if you have only selected Opened, both interactions Clicked and Converted will qualify for this path.

When you’ve created your paths you can add steps to each path.


View an example below.


Segment split

The Segment split enables you to create different paths depending on segment matches.

The segments must be added in a hierarchy. The A path segment will run first and the matching contacts will get in to path A. Contacts not matching segment A will be tried for segment B, and so on.

There will always be a path for the remaining contacts that have not matched any of the segment paths.

When you’ve created your paths and created or added your segments you can add steps to each path.


Shuffle split

With the Shuffle split you can easily create control groups to test how different paths and content affect the behaviour of your contacts.

Tick Add split to create more paths to your flow. You can manually add the size of your split paths or you can click Set equal splits, to make them even.

Contacts that enters the split will be sorted into a split path according to your given weights. When 100 (1000, 10 000, etc.) contacts has passed through the split the number of contacts in each split path will reflect your given weights.

When you’ve created your paths you can add steps to each path.





Split example

In this example we're following up on a welcome message. We wan't to send different messages depending on how the contacts interacted in our welcome message;

  • the contacts who only opened the welcome email should receive an email reminder of our welcome treat
  • the contacts who converted in our welcome email should exit the journey
  • and the rest (contacts that didn't open or click) should receive an SMS reminder.

So, we add an Engagement split and click on it to open up the settings. We make sure that the split is connected to our welcome message and the tick the splits Opened and Converted (the path for the contacts that doesn't matches our selection, Remaining, is automatically included).

Now we have three splits selected. Then we click OK for returning to the workboard.

On the workboard we add and edit our messages for each path. And voilà, our Journey is completed!


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