Campaigns overview

You'll find the Campaigns overview from the main menu (select your channel). Here you can view and access all your drafts, pending and sent campaigns. 

You can search for campaigns and filter by project and/or date in the top bar.

You can also select the columns you want to see in your overview. There are standard views and a custom view where you can prioritize the order of your columns. Click on the table icon (top right) and select My custom columns.


When clicking on Change columns a module will open where you can drag and drop each column in the order you prefer.
You can view as many columns as your browser window can fit. A wider window will provide more columns than a narrow one (the one with the lowest priority will disappear from your view first).



On Drafts are your campaigns that you are working on. Click on a draft name to open it and start editing. 



On Pending you'll find your campaigns that are scheduled to be sent at some later time or are awaiting some kind of feedback. The later can be a campaign that awaits publishing approval or a Send Gate confirmation.



On Sent campaigns, you'll find all campaigns sent to your contacts.

In the top you will see overview statistics across your campaigns, with instant correspondence to any page filters. So, if you filter your view based on project or campaign name, you can see your cross campaign statistics recalculating and providing new total and avarage numbers based on current filter.
You can hide the cross campaign statistics by clicking X at the top.​



You can also select to view the campaign calendar. Green dots tells that you have sent (at least one) campaigns on that day. If you hover the date, you'll get a short summary of how many campaigns and a total of created messages.


By clicking on a campaign name, you'll open the report for that specific campaign.


Export overview statistics

In the top navigation, click on the download icon and select how you want to receive the statistics; CSV, Excel or Copy (to clipboard).

Any applied filters, such as project or timeframe, will reflect the content in your export. You export will include all statitistic elements.





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