2019 Q4

The Symplify 2019 Q4 release includes mostly improvements for SMS, but also a new email campaign overview. Here’s a summary for you!

We've made additions to the SMS editor settings to enable fewer clicks and faster editing.

​We've added the option to expand all boxes within a category for editing.

You can still edit each box individually if you prefer. You'll then have the option to click the Next-button which will save your changes, close the current box and open the next.

​We've also added keyboard navigation so that you can use e.g. tab and enter to edit navigate within the settings.​


We're also presenting a beta view for email campaigns overview which you can switch on and off and also send feedback (thanks in advance 😉).

During the beta period this new overview will be available on email campaigns, but will then be rolled out for all other channels aswell.

​So, what's the fuzz? In the beta version we've gathered all filters and created a responsive column presentation. Now you can view as many columns as your browser window can fit. A wider window will provide more columns than a narrow one.

You can customize your view by selecting the statistic element you want to see in a specific column.​

On Sent campaigns, you will also see some new overview statistics, with instant correspondence to any page filters.



And also...​

  • A new wait option is added in Journeys, Wait for API call. Read more.
  • We've added conversion statistics on SMS.
  • In Journeys, we've added a path for contacts that have converted via an SMS (in Engagement split).
  • Journey exits can now show statistics (however, live journeys must be updated, turn to your Symplify contact to learn more).
  • Journey exits can now be transformed to an Exit to Journey (this has previously been an addable step). Edit your Exit to enable a seamless transfer of contacts to some other Journey.
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