2019 Q4 bonus

This Q4 Holiday bonus release includes improvements for the campaigns beta overview. But we also have some new additions, how about a new Journey wait?

Campaigns overview (BETA)​

In our last release we introduced a beta version of email campaigns overview and we've received some valuable feedback from our users. So, based on that we're making some minor adjustments to these views in this release.

Among these updates you'll notice that we've change the column picker for the customized view to a drag and drop so you can easily change the order of your columns all at once.

We've also changed the way the average procentage count in the top statistics is calculated. It was previously counting the average procent based on each sendout procent, but will now calculate the average procent based on sendout numbers.


A new calendar view also will be available where you can see dots for all your pending and sent campaigns over time.

And oh! The beta view is now available for all channels.


A new Journey wait​

We're releasing a new Journey wait step: Wait until date.
With this wait, contacts will wait until a given day or date before they move on to the next step of your Journey.

So, if you want to send Journey messages on Mondays and Thursdays, this is your go-to-Wait!

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And also...​

  • It's now possible to copy a Journey to other projects.
  • We've added information about the feature Temporary blocking on the contact card. If a contact is blocked from receiving any information from you, the end date for the block will be visible on the contact card.
  • Contact inactivation configuration is now called Engagement Filter.
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