How to create segments

It’s really easy to build segments in Symplify but to do that you need to know the basics, so, here it is.

The segment editor consists of three parts; Edit, Settings, and Export.



This is where you build and test the actual segment and where the true action is. More about that ahead.


Here you can name your segment and also tie your segment to permission groups if needed.


Export the segment target group in the case to a file when you want to have a closer look at the matching contacts. Select what list you want to run the export on and then the attributes you want to include in the file.



Create segments

​Click on the + (plus) icon to find and add more conditions to your segment (or on Start targeting if you're building from scratch). In the pop-up, select the type of condition you want to add.

You can build segments based on the following condition types:

  • Audience
    to target contacts with a certain value in an attribute.
  • Channel behavior
    to target contacts based on their behavior in a previous communication.
  • Journeys
    to target contacts that have (or not) touched any of your journeys.
  • E-commerce
    to target contacts that have purchased something or visited your site (requires Purchase history and/or Web interaction integrations)

You can combine your new segment with other

  • Segments
    when you want to add conditions to an already created segment (but not want to change the original).

And also add different types of

  • Groupings
    when you want to group your conditions and the contacts should match for example any of them or at least two.


Set the criteria

Depending on the condition type, the settings for tuning your conditions will vary.


The example below shows a segment based on the condition Recipient attributes that match all contacts with either the value Berlin or Copenhagen in the recipient attribute City.


Learn more about how to edit each condition here.


Save, test and publish

In the top right you'll see the buttons Save, Test, and Publish.


Testing your segment

Adopt the habit to always test your segments before publishing, regardless of how simple they are.

Learn more about testing here.

Publishing a segment

When you’re done editing you need to publish your segment to make it available for use. Just click the Publish button and confirm.

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