Recipient attribute with text value

To create a segment matching a text in an attribute you first select the attribute in the add-pop up.

You'll then define your attribute type as Text

On the segment work space, click on the dropdown to select the operating criteria: 



  • is blank / is not blank
    There is no value in the attribute / there is some value in the attribute.
  • is / is not
    The value should match your added criteria / not match your added criteria. 
  • starts with / does not start with
    The beginning of the value should match (or not).
  • ends with / does not end with 
    The ending of the value should match (or not).  
  • contains / does not contain
    The value should have contain your added criteria (or not).  

When you've selected your operating criteria you will need to specify the actual text match (not if you've selected is (not) blank)​; what text value should a contact have in your selected attribute to match your segment? 

By adding more than one criteria, any of them should match (not all of them). 

The letter casing of your added criteria will be ignored, i.e. you can add the critera "berlin" and still match the value "Berlin".


The example below shows a segment that matches all contacts with either the value Berlin or Copenhagen in the attribute City.



Note: this attribute type requires a text value (aA-zZ).

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