2020 Q2

We're thrilled about this Symplify release since we now get to introduce our new segment editor. But the release also contains a bunch of fun things for Journeys!

Let’s have a look! 


New segment editor 

The possibility of easily creating powerful segments is one of many things we're really proud of at Symplify. But as time goes by, new channels and features see the day of light, not to forget the general technical evolution of new devices and screen sizes, we now need to retire our current (and somewhat old) segment editor. The new editor makes room for all those things and we hope that you'll find it easy to work with.




The new editor will replace the current segment editor in Journeys but be in beta mode for regular segment editing. That means you can switch back and forth between the editors for a while. During the beta period, we'll collect your feedback and make the final adjustments needed to go all in.

Note that any editing made in the new editor will be saved in the original segment. The old segment interface may not visually support some of the things you add in the new editor (like Journey status conditions) but the segment will be updated and saved with your new additions (and used when doing send outs).

So, in the first version, we have some new rule conditions. These are:

  • Conversion segments
    I've you're using the feature Conversion tracking you'll be able to create segments whether a contact has converted through a send out.
  • Contact behavior in Journeys
    Create segments for contacts that interacted (or not) in any of your Journeys.
  • Journey status
    Create segments based on your contacts relation to any of your Journeys, like match contacts that have entered a specific journey within the last month.

We’re also adding new testing options that enable you to test a segment through a project. When doing so, the test result will be filtered based on any project segment, engagement filter settings, and also temporary blocked contacts.

Learn more about testing!

Help articles about editing different types of segments are during the beta period found here on Expertise under News > Beta.

We're really looking forward to hearing from you about what you think about the new editor and the new options!


Journey additions

New wait - Wait for segment match

We’re adding a new wait that will run through a segment and let matching contacts by and put non-matchers on hold until the next run. 


Learn more




Extended starter - API request

This starter gets a new option for triggering a journey with our API, reflecting our older functionality Batch trigger/transactional. This basically means that you can start a journey for multiple contacts with one API call.

The existing API request starter will get a new setting where you select:

  • Single contact request which is the same as the current starter (and default option)
  • Multiple contacts requests which enables several contacts within the same call.

Technical setup can be found here.


Preview segments in Journey report

On the version report page, you will be able to view segments being used in

  • a starter (if the starter is extended with custom segments)
  • a segment split
  • a segment wait

The viewed segments can not be edited (since this will change the framework of your journey).




Step exports

We're enabling the option to export all contacts that are in or have passed any step in a journey version.


Learn more here.







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