Journey API starter - multiple contacts request

Say that you have a large number of contacts that you want to enter a Journey at the same time. To accomplish this you should use the batchtrigger endpoint of the Symplify REST API.

Please note that this endpoint is only intended for when you have a number of contacts that should be entered at the same time; this endpoint is not intended for use when entering individual contacts to a Journey. For that purpose, please use the API single request.


The Batch Journey Starter requires an input file with JSON rows representing each individual contact to be added to the journey:

{"id": "0", "properties": {"emailAddress": "", "firstname": "Bruce", "attributeName": "yes"}}
{"id": "1", "properties": {"emailAddress": "", "firstname": "Aretha", "attributeName": "yes"}}
{"id": "2", "properties": {"emailAddress": "", "firstname": "Lady", "attributeName": "no"}}


NOTE: Each row in the input file needs to be a separate JSON object. Do NOT use a JSON array.

The "id" attribute of each JSON object in the file represents the id of the contact in your system. The "properties" attribute can be used to supply additional data with each contact for use, e.g. in segments or placeholders.

The contact file can be supplied to Symplify in two different ways: Symplify can download the file from a specified URI, or it can be accepted as a PUT to a pre-signed URI received from the Symplify API. You will initiate using a POST to https://<server>{customerid}/batchtrigger/v2, and the request payload will be different depending on which approach you use.


Upload file to Symplify

POST the following payload:

"entityId": <id of the Journey to commence>

The response payload will specify an URL where to upload the contact file:

"uploadUrl": "",

You may now upload the contact file using a PUT to the uploadUrl specified in the response. The batch will start within seconds after the file has been uploaded. Please note:

  • The value of Content-Type header should be text/plain
  • The uploaded file should be UTF-8 encoded.
  • The uploadUrl is valid for 12 hours.


Specify a download URL to Symplify

POST the following payload:

"entityId": <Id of the Journey to commence>,
"downloadUrl": ""

Symplify will immediately download the file and start the batch. Note that the file must be publically available for download. For this reason, it is recommended that it's protected using a secure, time-based signature.






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