2021 Q1

In this upcoming release we continue to improve Journeys and adding new features but as usual, there are updates to other parts of the platform as well.

The new segment editor has been running on Beta mode for quite some time for you to try out and now we've now closed the beta period. With this release, the new segment editor will be your new standard editor. For a short period you will still have the option to view your segments in the old editor as well.


We also have a bunch of fun things in Journeys:


Event Hub - New events for Symplify Conversion

For you who uses both Symplify suites, Communication and Conversion, we've added new events in the Event Hub for transferring real time data. You can now add events to register an achieved goal and page view

New create campaign dialogue for Web Push and SMS

As a step in streamlining editing in all channels, we've updated the create campaign dialogues for Web Push and SMS.



Snippets - editing improvements

We updated the snippet editor with giving the code more room but have also added some warnings when e.g. when the code isn't correctly closed. Learn more about snippets.


Journeys - New feature: Anomaly detection

With this brand new feature you can get notified if a journey is sending an unusal amount of messages to your database. You can get notified with an email or get a notification in Slack.

Learn more.


Journeys - New item category: Actions

We're introducing Journey Actions, which are steps that executes an event that doesn't affect the journey movement for a contact.

When a contact reaches an action step, the step will be managed and the contact will move on to the following step.

Set attribute

First action out is Set attribute, which will update all contacts passing the step with a given value in your database.

Learn more.


Journeys - New wait: Priority wait

With this new wait you can limit the amount of Journey messages sent to a contact on one day. If a contact is about to receive messages from different Journeys on the same day, this wait will cancel the following message from the Journey(s) you consider to be lower prioritized.

Learn more.


Journeys - Editing: Move a step

Journeys are now allowing you to move steps within your journey. 

Learn more.


Journeys - Editing: Improvements for disconnecting steps

We've made some major changes in how to disconnect steps while editing. You can not only disconnect a single step or all the following steps but also select a start and endpoint.

Learn more.


Updates for Peregrine

If you're using Peregrine you will be able to mark sensitive data in order to protect your customer's personal data. This, to maintain complete GDPR compliance (in accordance with the recent Schrems II ruling). Read or blog post on the subject.
Sensitive data will not be synchronized with Peregrine which may affect the speed when testing and generating if attributes marked as sensitive is used in a segment.

By default the standard attributes original id, first name, last name, middle name, email address, mobile number and date of birth are marked as sensitive.

Sensitive data is managed on Account settings.



That's all for now. Reach out to your Success manager if you have any questions.

Stay safe!


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