2021 Q1 Bonus

This upcoming frontend release contains content segments in SMS send outs and improvements for exporting segments.


SMS content segments

With this release you’ll be able to add content segment when sending SMS.


As a part of this project we’re also introducing widgets when editing a sendout (you might recognize widgets from the Web Push editor).

When creating a new SMS you can start typing your content directly as usual and by clicking Done editing, you’ll go to the widget overview.

If you like, you can from here add new widgets (text and link widgets) and add segments to your widgets.


Note that the setting for language encoding will affect all content widgets within a sendout, even if the used character set may differ between content.

Learn more about content segments in SMS.


Exporting segments

We’re adding new export options for your segments depending on what you want to be included in your file.

Export selected channel

Get the contacts matching in a specific channel. This export type mirrors the segment testing options and you can select to include project settings (with project segment, engagement filter and temporary blocked contacts) or do a raw export. 

Export cross channels

Get a raw file containing the contacts matching cross channels. You can specify channels to get the current channel status for the matching contacts. You can not include project settings with this export.


Learn more about exporting segments.

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