What is an Original Id?

Original ID is the key factor for how a recipient is managed in a Symplify database. Each unique Original ID is one unique recipient in a database.

Original ID needs to be decided when setting up a new account in Symplify and then be consistent for your recipients over time, otherwise you lose track of the recipient and risks adding duplicates.

You select the value you want to use as Original ID. This could be a customer number, an email address or something else that identifies a unique contact.
But how to choose? Well, take a look on how you identify your contacts in i.e. your CRM (or other databases), could you use the same ID for the recipients in Symplify? Using the same identifier in all systems can make it easier for you to synchronize the data between the systems.

Some of the data and activities connected to the original id are:

Also, the Original ID is the key value for activating or inactivating recipients on your list with imports.
And it is crucial to use the correct Original ID when you want to update recipient data.

​The importance of Original ID when updating your Symplify database

You actually only need one column in your import file to complete a recipient import in Symplify and that is the Original ID (but of course, you’ll probably want to include more data to dress your contacts). Without the ID you can’t import your file.
If you later on want to update these recipients with more data that i.e. update their address, reflects their purchase history, or other business related behavior, you use the contact specific ID to update the correct recipient.

​Let’s exemplify this:

Below you see a mockup file with columns headers explaining the content.

If you import below file to a Symplify list, you will get a list with two recipients. These recipients have the same email address (and will get one email each).
This is due to that they have different Original ID values:


If the file would have looked like below instead, the list would only contain one recipient with email address bruce@example.com and first name Boss.
This is because Symplify will import the file from top to bottom and first add the first row of data. When row number two is up, Symplify will find an original ID match on the list and update the recipient with original ID 123456 with the values on the second row. Since the last name and email address are the same on both rows, these will stay unchanged while first name will be updated to Boss.

In other words, the second Original ID will update the first in this list.


If you after this want to make an additional import you can add more data into other fields on the Symplify list.
Simply make sure you have the Original ID column together with the rest of the file data:



PLEASE NOTE that the Original ID value is case sensitive so if you import below three Original ID’s:


They will be added as three unique rows in the recipient list in Symplify.

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