New requirements for senders to Gmail

Starting in February 2024, Gmail will introduce a set of new requirements for senders with larger volumes. But don’t worry - we got you! The requirements have been supported by Symplify for years, let’s have a look!


Authentication of email

Symplify prioritizes the security of our customers by implementing strong email authentication practices. We adhere to well-established standards, ensuring that significant volumes of emails are sent through a robust authentication process.
Your account in Symplify already uses authentication with DKIM 1024-bit keys and you are now also able to extend this authentication by using DKIM 2048-bit keys, according to the new requirements:

Create a subdomain dkim2048._domainkey.<>
Add a TXT record to this subdomain using the following value:

v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAzWGGBpzaOp4gCZ9o1f8PU8LOAlis2eTWQPWNLLuQ9urpC3oFp2i9kzkuFl5jMZY+3P4IEQJX+ju02khakL2rxe13E/FemB/OLqkhNkL+0dv8txBwIyK51FSI7ZJr96jiP3QwuyjOf8Xl9qAWOL9WFXqR+makG0u69hBO+V/dCzlprfH8M/2HGKp4HqtrqRvpdhSXTLz/dQG82Sz6xWClaT415PljmuDH2X7meHwPHuB6Lt36qmqAnBbgyMvyWOtB6eEIoxwqleYlDzqK/QmIpXL0k3e7JAZh6vwnrYTlzDDjFD/6wkeZZVptynwrOoO01H5A1KXg6n3+AkBlzHe0jwIDAQAB


Please also note that if you don't already have a DMARC record, you should add the minimum required which is (change to your domain and an existing address):

v=DMARC1; p=none;


If you have issues setting up the authentication, please read this article about DKIM keys and TXT record limits before contacting support.


Symplify can help with verifying your authentications, just send an email to domainsetup[a]


Easy unsubscription

Unsubscribing from unwanted emails should be a hassle-free experience, and Symplify recognizes the importance of user control. For large senders using Symplify, recipients using Gmail can easily unsubscribe with just one click with the provided list unsubscribe. 

Note that this method for unsubscribing has been available in Symplify for several years, i.e. it is no new addition to your emails. 

Additionally, Symplify ensures that unsubscription requests are processed promptly.


Sending wanted emails

Nobody enjoys receiving spam and as a serious business, sending well addressed emails are one of your top priorities. Symplify will assist you in deliverability and reporting bounces and complaints but also tools for precaution, like the Engagement filter and blocking bounced addresses, in order to uphold your reputation as a sender and retain happy customers.

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