Default unsubscribe

Symplify provides default unsubscribe links for various languages. 

Please note that you can also customize your opt out flow. Read more about this here.

​To use Symplify default unsubscribe you click on the text element you want as your unsubscribe link and in the inspector you choose Link type = unsubscribe.

In the parameter field you’ll now see “&lang=en”, which means the unsubscribe pages will be in English. You can have another language by replacing “en” to wanted language code.

These are the different countries/languages that we have default unsubscribe for:

cs-cz (Czech Republic)

da (Danish)

de (German)

en (English, default)

es (Spanish)

fi (Finnish)

fr (French)

hr (Croatian)

hu (Hungarian)

it (Italian)

nl (Netherlands)

no (Norwegian)

pl (Polish)

pt (Portuguese)

ro (Romanian)

sl (Slovenian)

sk (Slovakia)

sv (Swedish)

tr (Turkish)

zh-cn (Simplified Chinese)

zh-hk (Chinese Hong Kong SAR)

For example, if you want your unsubscribe pages in Swedish, in Parameters you replace “en” (&lang=en”) with “sv”, like this: &lang=sv.


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