What is it and what can I use it for?

Consider a project as a folder where you save all your different sendouts. You can have several or just one, depending on how you’d like to structure your account in Symplify. But it's not only a folder structure, it's also packed with settings that control for example your sendouts.

​For each project you can save specific default settings, like sender and reply address, text encoding for your send outs and project type (if its e.g. an email, SMS, autosend or a mixed project).

And also, if you’d like all your send outs from a project to use a specific segment or a specific unsubscribe page. For example, your project Newsletter SE should always be sent with the segment Swedish recipients and land on the Swedish default unsubscribe page.

Within a project you can activate the publishing approval process if you want a control group to receive a copy of the sendouts or if they should approve all sendouts before they are sent.
Read more about publishing approval.

If you have several design boilerplates you can also manage which boilerplates and skins should be visible in your different projects.

All the above settings will follow each send out you create from your different projects.
Read more about how to create and/or manage your projects here.


A project also can be used for other strategic purposes. You can easily overview and export your statistics on a project view. You can set up permission groups to limit Symplify users to different projects (and many other parts of Symplify).

And last but not least, you can set up segments to for example include or exclude send outs from specific projects. Say if you have an automatic welcome flow and don’t want the recipients receiving the welcome send outs to also receive your newsletters you can easily exclude these recipients from your newsletters if you have separated these projects.

So, depending on how you want to set your Symplify account up you should consider all the above options when you’re creating your projects so that you can benefit from the strength and the flexibility Symplify projects have to offer.

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