Healthy lists

Permission and Privacy

  • Provide explicit information about your email program at the point of address collection. For example, if you have several newsletter options make sure your subscribers understand their choices
  • Include a link to your privacy policy at the point of address collection and make sure your privacy policy sets the correct expectations in clear language, not legalese
  • Offer a quick and easy sign-up process, limiting the number of mandatory fields and avoiding passwords unless absolutely necessary; be sure to have a website confirmation page
  • Send an automated Welcome/Confirmation message within 24-hours offering more details on your email program and the value your customer will experience
  • Provide your customers with a preference center so they can manage their subscriptions with ease

Address Collection Process

  • Reject malformed addresses
    • abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses,
    • malformed addresses with misspelled domains (i.e. me@hotmai.lcom)
    • role accounts (i.e.,
    • nonsensical email addresses (ex.
  • Send a Welcome or Confirmation message.
  • Provide an email preference center so your subscribers can easily update their email addresses
  • Use Google’s reCaptcha – read all about it here.

Database Maintenance

  1. Establish an on-going process to consistently remove old and inactive subscribers. Example, every 3-6 months..
  2. Find all addresses that has received more than X emails (set the right amount for you, but let’s say at least 5 emails)..
  3. Find those that has not opened any of them..
  4. Send them a last email and ask them to subscribe again or they will be removed from the list..
  5. Remove/Invalidate those that didn’t subscribe again.
  6. This is to prevent email addresses turning into spam traps, bounces or complaints.

Keep it clean

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