Social audience builder

What is it and what can I use it for?

Are you already using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords or is it in your pipe to set it up? Then you can connect Symplify to a Facebook Audience or Google AdWord Audience to target your customers and show ads for a selected groups.

Social Audience Builder provides targeted communication in a new channel. You can use it for example to strengthen your customer experience after a purchase or to reactivate sleeping customers.
It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to a new group of potential customers by using Facebook’s “lookalike” feature.

How does it work?

You connect your Facebook account to your Symplify account and Symplify then sync your recipients to Facebook and Google, automatically in a given frequency or manually. By using Symplify’s powerful segmentation engine you can target special behaviours or recipient data that should trigger a Facebook or Google ad. You can also, on top of the segmentation from Symplify, add Facebook’s or Google’s own filters, like demographic, gender or age selections.

​Facebook or Google will then match the email addresses or mobile numbers to existing users and show your connected ad to this specific audience.

You manage all your ads in Facebook or Google.

Usage examples

Purchase flow synchronized with Facebook Audience

Below example is a great way to strengthen a purchase flow. In addition to the usual communication after a purchase the customer also receives an ad on Facebook on how to get the most out of the purchased product. Or if the customer lets you know in the customer satisfaction survey that it was hard to get started, why not show a demonstration video on Facebook?


Abandoned cart flow

Below is an example of an abandoned cart flow. A customer leaves a cart in your web shop and receives a reminder email X days later. If no action is taken on the email to continue the purchase, Facebook will show an ad connected to the purchase, why not with an offer the customer can’t resist?


Learn how to set up Social Audience builder.

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