Let others do the talking

One way of telling your recipients about what you want to sell or convey that is both pleasant and effective is letting someone else speak about your product, your service, your business or your organization – in other words, using an ambassador.

The ambassador should be a genuine one, not an actor making another commercial. A real person talking about his or her personal reasons for using a product, appreciating a vacation spot or supporting an organization.

The person speaking could be a customer, someone your target group finds trustworthy, or someone from the company. The important thing is making sure there’s both credibility and real conviction. You can present your ambassador in a short text interview with pictures, or in a video. If you let this material be unique to your communication, you achieve another goal at the same time – providing exclusive and interesting content.

​When you use an ambassador to get your message out, you gain both credibility and effect. Studies show that recipients are much more likely to actually purchase a product, or otherwise act in a desired way, when senders use ambassadors.

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