Action steps

Action steps are steps that executes an event that doesn't affect the journey movement for a contact.

When a contact reaches an action step, the step will be managed and the contact will move on to the following step.


Set attribute

By adding the action step Set attribute to your Journey, all contacts that reach this step will get updated with the information you provide. 

Select the contact attribute you want to get updated and then fill out the desired value below. 

The value can instead of a static value also be the date when a contact reaches the step. 





Control group

The control group step enables you to visualize and export contacts passing the step. This can be useful if you want to compare the actions of contacts in different paths and for example evaluate activity on your website depending on which type of messages your contacts received.

You are also able to create segments on who has passed a specific step. 


Social Audience

By adding the action step Social Audience to your Journey, all contacts that reach this step will get synchronized to your social media ad account, Facebook or Google.

Before you start, make sure you have a valid Social Audience token for the social channel you want to use.

When you've added the step to your Journey, click on Edit and 

  • select your token (to connect to your social account)
  • select your ad account (all ad accounts identified with your token will be available)
  • select your audience (all available audiences on your ad account will be available)




Please note that contacts will not be synchronized immediately to your ad account but accordingly to your schedule stored in Account settings > Social Audience rollup.




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