Web Push

What is it and what can I use it for?

Web Push enables you to pop up when your customer is on site.

You can for example use Web Push to inform selected customers that they have an active offer available, tips and tricks within the platform or showcasing features based on the recipient profile. All messages can be stored in a user inbox on your site.

You can of course personalize all messages and use the different Symplify modules, like Campaigns or Journeys, to generate your Web Push messages. 

  • Create welcome messages for new users with link and instructions for navigating the app or best use the application
  • Send a reminder that pops up after login so they remember to complete their registration with credit card, loyalty card and shipping address etc.
  • Showcase new features and encourage users to try them out
  • Send coupons and offers
  • Remind customers of abandoned carts or loyalty credits on their accounts
  • Offer order tracking after sales



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