How do I add more items to my bullet list and how do I change the bullet symbol?

In our default boilerplate, we have the blocks "one column bullet list",  "two columns bullet list", "two columns bullet list - reverse". Each list item is an element and you add more with the + icon (Add content).


You can add elements with different bullet symbols. Choose the one you prefer - either one that is a text style or icon - image, that is an unresponsive image.


When you want another symbol, number or letter as a bullet, choose a text style-element and change the character. You can also set another class or change the style as you do for a text element.


If you want to have another icon as a bullet, choose the icon - image element and change the image. You can also change the size of it.


When you want more space between the list items, add margin to both - the bullet symbol and the text next to it.


For deleting or moving up/down an item, you just need to click at either the bullet point or text.


Other multiple column blocks have a bullet list element as well. But there, you only have the possibility to add text style bullet symbols. The bullet list elements will have the same alignment as the button and can be changed with button alignment.


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