How can I change text in my footer/header?

Has your address changed? Your T&C that is in the footer? You want to change the wording for the unsubscribe or open in browser link? It is easily done when you are using Skins.

Go the tab Content in Skins, look for the text you want to change, update it and click save. Refresh your email draft or boilerplate to see the changes.


No changes visible? You maybe have a project overwrite. Select the project you are using with your email draft in Skins and change the text there.

When you want to use the same text as in Account settings, there is no need to have the same text there - remove the project overwrite by a click at the trash-icon. Save and refresh your email draft. 



Note that not all content fields have a connection to your footer or header. When you change a text and can't see the changes, there is a big chance that the handlebar from the input field is not in the footer/header code. 

If you have a very specific footer or header, it can be possible that the text you want to change is directly in the footer/header code that can be found under Layout - View Code in Skins

When you are familiar with html for email, you can edit the footer code by yourself.skins_changetext_4.png

You can also add more handlebars to the code. For this, copy the handlebar from the input field you want to add (copy icon next to the input field) and add it to the html code.


If your input field contains html code, add an extra pair of { } around your copied handlebar. 

Make sure to have a backup saved locally before you make any changes.
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Remember that when you choose another header/footer layout in Skins, the header/footer code might have connection to different content fields and not the ones you are using.


You are always welcome to contact your account manager or our support team if you need help to make changes in the footer/header.

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