How can I change the size, color, font-family of my text?

If you want to change your text style, you can do it in Skins under Style - Theme.  To make sure you change the right text, click at the text in the boilerplate or email draft to see what class is applied to the text. 


Text 1 can be changed in Content - Default Text in Skins
Text 2 » Text style 2
Heading 1 » Heading style 1
Heading 2 » Heading style 2
Link 1 » Link style 1
Link 2 » Link style 2
Button 1 » Button 1
Button 2 » Button 2

Header Text can be changed in Header - Default Text in Skins
Header Header
» Heading style
Header Link » Link style

Footer Text can be changed in Footer - Default Text in Skins
Footer Header » Heading style
Footer Link » Link style

Change the values you want to change, save and refresh your boilerplate or email draft.
If you can't see the changes, check if your project has a project overwrite. Select the project you are using with your email draft in Skins and change the values there, or remove the project overwrite if you want to use the same values as at Account settings. Or add a value if the project should have another layout.


If you want to use your own custom font instead of the web-safe font, you need to add the css/link tag in Scripts - Email. Read more here»


You think you did everything right but can't see the changes in the boilerplate or email draft? Maybe you are overwriting the skins settings with the editor and remove or deactivate there or select Default.


When you have a custom boilerplate with at lot of different text or button classes, not all might be changeable in Skins. 
You can always change text style in the editor, but we recommend only doing it when you want to change it for a special send out or when you need more different text styles than available. 

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