How can I avoid that gmail removes punctation in my preheader?

Gmail will remove the comma from numbers that are used for formatting thousands like 10,000 1,000,000 as well as the dots in e.g. names like J. K. Rowling
That happens only in Gmail's preheader and will be displayed as 10000 1000000 and J K Rowling


When you use a a hidden character like a zero-width non-joiner
after the comma or dot like 10,‌000 1,‌000,‌000 or J.‌ K.‌ Rowling the numbers will be displayed correctly.
Once you added the ‌ and left the input field in Symplify, the code won't be displayed. 

Using dots in numbers eg. 10.000 or comma before the decimal eg. 10,99 will display correctly.

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